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The Prefect Multi-Functional Mobile App

Call the world with Mangoo VoIP. Great rates, free calls, and crystal-clear connection. Stay in touch wherever you are with our mobile app. A smarter way to transfer money abroad. Send money instantly, no matter where you are. Simple, efficient, and with low rates. With Mangoo VoIP Mobile App you can recharge mobile, Data Bundles, electricity Bill, DTH recharge and many more.

Our Services

Low Cost International Calling‚Äč

With Mangoo Tech, distance is no barrier. Stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues from anywhere in the world. Make international calls, send texts, and stay in touch with some of the best rates available.
Mangoo Tech

Mangoo Mobile Money Transfer

Get your money where it needs to be when you need it to be there. At Mangoo VoIP, we want your money transfers to be easy, convenient and safe. That means that you can transfer money anytime from our app. Enjoy low fees, excellent exchange rates and easy repeat transactions in our Mangoo VoIP Mobile app.

Local / International Mobile Top Up

Simple mobile top up anytime, anywhere from our app. An easier way to stay connected with loved ones and ensure their mobile never runs out of balance. You can send mobile airtime to over 150 carriers across 90 countries with just a few clicks in our Mangoo VoIP Mobile Dialer.

utility bill Pay

Pay Your Utility Bill by using Mangoo VoIP

Pay your all Utility Bill by using our Mangoo VoIP Mobile App. No need to long wait in queue for make payment your Electricity Bill, DTH Recharge, Mobile Data Recharge, no matter where you are.